Web Development



Client: Ecos Consulting

Project: Lightsite.Net beta, alpha releases

Role: Technical Lead, Producer, Application Developer

:Led the technical direction for the first public beta web site devoted to purchasing energy-efficient lighting in California for Ecos Consulting.

  • Authored the proposal responding to Ecos Consulting's RFP and won the bidding process for Big Mountain Multimedia.
  • Developed the contracts for building, posting, and promoting "The LightSite" through the public release.
  • Recommended and implemented features to enhance site traffic, customer retention, and site usability.Interviewed and hired subcontractors for additional illustration services and programming for their custom shopping cart integrated with CyberCash.

Results: The success of the web site enabled Ecos Consulting's LightSite to receive their most significant round of funding. Ecos subsequently developed the final public release, the original source for EPA-approved residential and commercial lighting.