Web Development Consulting


Educational website for families with young children

Client: Knowledge Kids Network

: KidsEdge.com

: Systems Analyst

Led the integration efforts of BroadVision with Macromedia Flash and Shockwave to enable dynamic, personalized content for a leading children's educational development web site.

I evaluated the client requirements for their web site's presentation along with their current site's technologies.

I researched various methods of maintaining and using client's session information and parameters. " I devised a method that allowed the application server to communicate to the front-end presentation layer.

Documented the findings by writing an application programmers interface (API) that standardized the integration for content developers.

Allowed third party game developers to easily add personalized game and instructional modules to the web site and maintain client session information.

Devised a fair and impartial virtual currency distribution system for a leading children's educational development web site.

Designed the system to distribute a given set of denominations to the user until all were received, ensuring equal bank value to all users.

Documented the complex distribution system for the client and project management.

The company avoided legal ramifications by offering a reward system that adhered to US laws regarding children on the Internet.