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E-Stamp Corporation
(acquired by Stamps.com)

Client: E-Stamp Corporation, acquired by Stamps.com

Project: E-Stamp.com Version 2.0

Role: Systems Analyst

Process: Evaluated different BroadVision system environments to recommend the most feasible platform for E-Stamp Corporation.

Interviewed E-Stamp system engineers to understand their legacy systems, functional requirements, system requirements, and performance requirements.

Consulted with BroadVision engineers and internal system engineers to identify any discrepancies between my knowledge and their experience.

Predicted future enhancements to the system, analyzed their impact on any constraints, and reviewed them with E-Stamp, BroadVision, and internal systems engineers.

Results: E-Stamp implemented their functional requirements flawlessly on the recommended platform. The recommended system continued to be in operation after two years of successful functional enhancements.