Web Development Consulting




Amadeus, a B2B Travel Industry Portal for Travel Agents


Client: @Amadeus

Project: Amadeus Travel B2B Portal

Role: Systems Analyst, Requirements Analyst

Organized templates for presenting the effects of business rules applied to a dynamic, personalized application for Amadeus.

Coordinated joint application development (JAD) sessions with project leaders to determine the system requirements. Analyzed the client's objectives and the intended marketing approaches of the site, including product recommendations, targeted content, and collaborative filtering techniques that were part of the functional design.

Developed visual representations of content slots for pages to be displayed based on each system actor we identified. Visually verified the business rules with the client using content templates for each actor in each situation.

Results: The web site was tailored to each user according to the information provided upon registration. As additional profile data was collected, the business rules-defined by the templates I developed-generated personalized site content for the user that increased visitor retention and customer satisfaction.