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My old site has a portfolio of work in the following areas:

Working with customers to define and document requirements, manage projects, and develop interactive ecommerce sites.

Digital multimedia projects rich with video/audio, animation, and interactive navigation.

Graphic design projects and portfolio includes printed media, logos, and postcards.

Resume in HTML, Word, and PDF formats.

Send email, postal, even SMS messaging.


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mstill.com - Michael Still Personal Web Site. This site features updated information on the life and times of Michael Still. It contains links of interest, links to blogs, Internet tools, and provides a place for me to throw that Michael Still stuff around. Michael Still, Michael Scott Still, MichaelStill, MichaelStill.com, mstill.com, mstill, michaelstill, MStill, Amstel, Mark Still, Lois Still, Makana Still, Zion Still, Makana and Zion, Michael Still Yahoo 360 Blog

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